Takmaj Maja Wrońska

Work by  Takmaj Maja Wrońska



Takmaj Maja Wrońska is a beautiful painter born in Poland in 1989. She likes to draw some of the famous architectural features and street scenes, etc.

Takmaj style is very personal characteristics, like smart hydra, seemingly random but do not without details, very unique.

Above this Reims church, you can see Takmaj favorite painting method is the outline of the building into the light and shadow, which makes the building looks no longer so blunt, it is lifelike.



The young artist’s style is always vibrant, and Takmaj’s architectural watercolor is also true. Gorgeous warm colors, many cities will be a better performance of the crystal clear. I think she must love the life.

Because most of the screen with the light and shadow are yellow and orange, so make the painting very vivid, give me a warm feeling. I can feel it from the picture she wants to convey the city’s glorious information.

In her works, the most important thing I have learned is the fusion of light and building’s surface, which makes the building more active. Sometimes, a good watercolor building is not necessarily rigidly to portrayed a clear outline.


Takmaj(2017)Deviant Art.  Available at:http://takmaj.deviantart.com/ %5BAccessed 15 Feb. 2017].


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