Sunga Park

Work by Sunga Park


whitehall street, london





In the watercolor, I have a favorite modern artist. She is a Korean female illustrator and wallpaper designer Sunga Park.

She has many works on all aspects, but my favorite is the architectural watercolor she painted.



The white hall street entrance,London



At first glance, it seems that the building in the picture is not very clear. But it was Sunga Park’s painting style. With a mild color, as well as through the local clear painting, the architectural beauty and the environment of the hazy performance of the most vividly.



In the details section Sunga Park portrayed very carefully, such as the steeple of this building. When the color, she will bring up a “no harm for  people’s color”, like a soft orange, warm blue. And when the color to the edge of the building, she will let the color slowly fade, Integrated into the white paper.




Like this painting, Sunga Park only painted the outline of the building with the color, however, gave me magnificent and mysterious for this row of building.

Her works are always aesthetic feeling, but without losing the charm, simple but like a  beautiful dream.

Her color seems to be inadvertently cast to the same, but also  right to that part of the rendering out, so I naturally imagined that the rest of the paper on the imagination of the building  in my mind.

Web:123 Inspiration (2013).Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park | 123 Inspiration.Available at: [Accessed 15 Feb. 2017].

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