Nottingham Contemporary

The theme of this exhibition is the key ten years(The 1980s) of British culture and politics. Here are a variety of works, such as painting, photography, sculpture.




More than four are from the 80’s black culture of the rise of the road.

This series of photos through the protests in the center of Birmingham, I think this protest attracted the attention of the British people to black culture and racial discrimination, to the second three pictures, you can see the rise of black culture, black band and Disco is proof. Of course, the rise of the black culture is not easy, in the last picture, in 1985, Lozells riots to see the black culture was still not recognized at the time, they still can not receive respect.

Mono Hatoum.1985. Roadworks Video:6:45min ,Courtesy of LIMA

“Take off the shackles of the shackles”, for this video, I prefer the name. In my opinion this piece of work is a lot of sense.

With regard to the art of conduct, it is a form of direct appeal to the public, but put the shoes tied to the back of the performance art to call people concerned about the culture of British black . In the 1980s the act of art began to become one of the mainstream art forms.

I think that Mona Hatoum wants to walk through barefoot,but the shoes tied to the back of the performance art to call people concerned about the culture of British black ,to off the traditional cultural 。Maybe after people see his show, after a moment will no surprise will ,so why no do the same think about Black culture,let go to accept,This should be he really wanted to express.


Destruction of the National Front, 1979–80 by Eddie Chambers

Even if you do not see the date, you can see that this is a work in the 20th century.Eddie Chambers made the British flag a series of collages and took a name: Destruction of the National Front.Can be seen that he is a positive support for the new culture and against old ideas。From the regular banner, to slowly fragmentation,expressed that  people in that time began to open thinking.In the end, they will accept and appreciate the new culture of other races.


Donald Rodney’s The House That Jack Built, 1987.

This piece of work is based on a children’s nursery rhymes. In Rodney’s version, this is Rodney’s house, which is also the source of souls of 75 million dead black souls. He made the same background with a variety of X-rays, and let a ‘patient’ who had no body and clothes and pants alone.This piece of work contains very deep feelings, expressed the pain of Jack and his family.And Rodney himself is a member of a black art troupe, suffered from the debilitating sickle cell disease (suffering from debilitating sickle cell disease).



…it is as if the Black experience is only lived within an urban environment. I thought i liked the Lake District;where i wandered lonely as a Black face in a sea of white.A visit to the countryside is always accompanied by a feeling of unease;dread…0222_13

…feeling i don’t belong.Walks through leafy glades with a baseball bat by my side…0222_14

…a lot of what MADE ENGLAND GREAT is founded on the blood of slavery,the sweat of working people …an industrial revolution without the Atlantic Triangle…


…death is the bottom line.The owners of these fields;these trees and sheep want me off their GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND.No trespass,they want me DEAD.A slow death through eyes that slide away from me…0222_16

…Searching for sea-shells;waves lap my wellington boots,carrying lost souls of brothers&sisters released over the ship side…

Ingrid Pollard ,1987.Pastoral Interlude.Hand tinted silver prints from:Courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum

It is undeniable that when the photo is accompanied by the appropriate text, it will become a sound of the photo, while the expression will be more clear.

Ingrid Pollard is a series of five photos, which is like the author in the black life of a travel diary. He felt the great difference between black and white culture and unequal treatment. Cultural contact is indeed unacceptable at the outset. Uneasy, fear, do not belong, build, divorce, release, these verbs express the picture of the expression of cultural differences expressed clearly. Of course, the use of some symbols such as ellipses, making each picture of the text of the convergence more natural.

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