Photoshop works

This will be very magical when i put some different beautiful pictures toghter with photoshop.


When i fuse two pictures which are wave and tropical forest .It is become a Island picture.


Brush tool also is a useful thing in photoshop.Look at this work,firstly i put the island on the lake but looks no very natural.So i used the  black and white Brush tool to smear the edge of the island.At last ,they fused together.



“The road to dreams-my house”

This is my most satisfying work in Photoshop works. Because it took me a lot of time and effort (about 1.30 hours). I got a lot of pictures from the Internet, and matting, and then move them to a road background image for deformation and scaling.

The basic Photoshop skills can help me processing photo more convenient in the future

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