Painting – mixed media A3 sheet – 12+ different watercolour techniques


Personally, compared to watercolor, I usually prefer color lead and sketch these painting methods, so I do not know much about watercolor. This time the classroom can be said to let me re-understand the watercolor, found that there are so many watercolor interesting form, such as salt on the watercolor, or with glue to draw. Chapter 3 Gradient Watercolor is a favorite I like, because I feel the watercolor color control of the charm, he can make the color more soft than the color lead naturally. Crayon This is really amazing, the first time I know the crayons and watercolor is not soluble, so you can use this effect to draw a unique watercolor, but this is because the first attempt, so the effect is not very good. In general, this lesson made me feel the charm of watercolor, but also began to have the interest to touch the watercolor.


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