Artist Case Studies -Unexpected Materials




Ellen Gallagher(2003)Ellen Gallagher at the Saint Louis Art Museum

exhibit at:Saint Louis Art Museum in 2003.3 – 2003.5

This is Ellen’s series of wig-map grid collages, in this series, you can clearly see that she created the wig style is very similar to the 20th century style but also not. Because she re-the 20th century, 30 years to the late 1970s on the hair and beauty of advertising together. To the back, she added the African wig elements to the work, making her works with more racial elements.Such as the image of the nurse or the “Pegleg” character that sometimes populate her page‘s iconography.

She said:‘The wig ladies are fugitives, conscripts from another time and place, liberated from the “race” magazines of the past. But again, I have transformed them, here on the pages that once held them captive.’


 Tate(2014)Ellen Gallagher, Wiglette from DeLuxe

She designed the wig to cover really wide, with hip-hop style, with indigenous style. Including curls, straight hair, and even the amount I do not know how to name it, maybe is”bread hair”?

I learned the form of art are a variety of things, even including the use of past magazines and ideas to draw a new artistic style. It is inconceivable and it is different.

Andy Goldsworthy.jpg

REBECCA(2012)Art of Andy  Goldsworthy



About Andy Goldsworthy, this is probably one of my favorite artists from the PPT in class. I think he is an artist who works with nature. By knowing his work, he can see that his favorite art form is to blend his work and nature, such as stone, icicles, petals.He said:“I think it’s incredibly brave to be working with flowers and leaves and petals. But I have to: I can’t edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole.”

Above this piece I did not find its name, perhaps called “stone in the cracks”? The Andy Goldsworthy with the picking up the stone, plus his own drawn white line, from big to small into a spiral and then cut each stone from the formation of the perfect spiral.

Star gate, see this piece of work, there is a sense of the door, and through the hole in the center, you do not know what will be. From dark to light colored stones, Andy Goldsworthy really has a hand in terms of color. They are so beautiful when they use regular patterns of stone.

andy-goldsworthy-4River stones scratched white (2013)

Andy Goldsworthy does not finish the work at all times, but it does not affect his work with nature. River stones scratched white is a very typical example of this work is done on the dried-up bed of Swindale Beck, the first is not the final work, because the weather before the start of the rain. When the work is completed, after the rain, the process of the period is particularly important. Photography is an indispensable part of Andy Goldsworthy’s work. This series of works makes me feel the charm of the works made by man and nature, and of course the importance of learning photography.

River stones scratched white (2013)


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