Lino-cut by Angela Harding



Angela Harding(2016)GANNETS AT RATHLIN ISLAND,LINO AND SILKSCREEN. EDITION 75.This part of a series of images commissioned by Country Living Magazine for their 2016 features about islands that surround the UK.


Angela Harding is a print artist who loves plants and fauna in the English countryside.

She loves garden birds and seabirds very much. In her prints, hers works are very detailed, very strong sense of hierarchy.

Above the landscape prints: the island, water lines and clouds of the flow is very strong, kind of feeling are very atmospheric, like a direct brush brush past. While the boat, the bird size of the remote blurred island is outlined very carefully. Which formed a very good print works.

Angela Harding

Angela Harding (2017)NEWBY HARE,LINO AND SILKSCREEN. EDITION 150.Commissioned by Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the ‘Flights of Memory’ exhibition and printed as a limited edition original print at Penfold Press.

I accidentally learned that Angela Harding actually graduated from Nottingham Trent University, this is not my goal?




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