Mono-printing by Paul Klee

Paul Klee ,he has a strong personal style ,include the influence of performance, Cubism and surrealism

Paul Klee 2

Der Angler (The Angler). 1921. Available at

This is a fisherman, and Paul seems to be used String  to draw this works before print, because the fisherman’s profile with some jagged, looks like fishing line. Paul Klee said “It goes out for a walk, so to speak, aimlessly for the sake of the walk.”

Paul Klee

Paul Klee(2011)’The Tightrope Walker 1923′.[Monotype and watercolor,48 x 32 cm]in Klee,Taschen,P50. Available at:

After a careful appreciation of Paul Klee’s work, I think he must have done a great job on paper. You can see that his prints are use a lot of lines to draw, then the printing paper is very critical, to be able to print the rough feeling of the line, and can not be too blurred. The background of his work should be painted after the painting up, because the color gradient does not like to be printed out. It seems that Paul Klee is very good to show the fine and rich side of the printing arts, he is by my favorite.

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