Work by William Morris

William Morris, a designer of the British Industrial Movement. He is the British textile designers, poets, novelists and even print, layout, is also a famous craftsman. He said: “a designer should have a working knowledge of any media”.

William Morris( 1873)Tulip and Willow,available at:

This is the pencil and watercolor sketch for print design, when I use the print, i don’t know how to adjust the clarity of the line, or the thickness, but in the hands of William Morris, he can grasp the good, so that He was able to print them very vivid when drawing the pair of Tulip and Willow.


William Morris(1881)Windrush’,available at:

African Marigold (1876),available at:

If this is not written on the introduction of this work, I really can not distinguish this is the textile design or the kind of printing design.

He used pure natural materials to design the textiles in the room, such as wallpaper, carpets. Even so it passed, his works of art in my eyes seems to be very suitable to decorate the home. This can give your own room design to add a natural feeling, like chrysanthemum ah, sunflower ah these.


William Morris(1876)Honeysuckle,available at:

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