Storyboard,is a important step before you design a Video creation or advertising design,which make express the author’s creativity clearly and help they design further..(Storyboarding Basics,2016)

f71d04f0f88ec473ce7e915c24970524PE-Travers(2009)Thumb 12 steps ,Available at:

Storyaboard is not only necessary to describe the story, he is like designers and painters sketches, to  performance rough of the works before the completion of the process. He(PE-Travers) said that he first used the grid in Photoshop to determine the relationship for basis of the perspective , and then start another further creation, I think it should be used with the tablet. First according to the grid design of the approximate shape, and then draw the frame one by one, and finally on the details, painting texture. The storyboard shows a process of designing an underground channel.


Shoomlah(2013)Schoolism – Nathan Fowkes week 4,Available at:

This is a different style storyboard, the topic from the first to the last one are: calm, anxious, morose, hopeful, rabeful. From the name point of view, seems to be a different scene through the same tone to express the characters of several different mood. Such as the first calm, warm sun emerge from the distant mountain with the calm lake, the whole picture feel very peaceful and quiet. And the penultimate: hope, the same is the sun, but did not reveal all, only exposed a part of it.Whole picture is dark and gloomy,however because of this beam and full of hope. Therefore, the storyboard can also be used to outline the different transformations of the same scene.


Kasai(2006)Cityscape Sketch tutorial ,Available at:

This is a storyboard about the cityscape sketch tutorial from Kasai. This is a standard architectural perspective storyboard. There are detailed drawing processes and analysis,very clearly recorded his own ideas. For example in the third one, he starts drawing from the left and says it is to prevent smearing (if you are not left-handed, draw from the right will easy to rub the picture). Also think of a city should have something, such as futuristic building, slum theme or shack type buildings.

A good design should have a storyboard to record the process, so is better to carry out the further design.


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