Stage 3



Floor plan, redesign and Animation

Floor plan

It took me about 2 hours to do this homework.To find a building i love. Not only is the painting, I also went to learn a little about the background and design concept of the church


The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building inspired by an ancient legend, passed on for generations.

The chapel was designed in collaboration with artist Espen Dietrichson.


Vardehaugen(u.d).The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building inspired by an ancient legend, passed on for generations. Available at :

It is next to the Svartisen (The Black Glacier),  the second larges glacier in Norway which is a very nice building place. There have beautiful landscape and some of mountain hikers passing by the Black Chapel, They will try to “open it”. I am very like the Black Chapel, even just a small ceremonial building.

For the design of wall, Espen used faced concrete to make it look more quiet and peaceful.As for the roof, Black created a sacred and mysterious feeling.This is a very good color match in a design of a ceremonial building.About indoors, There is light inside the black box, which making the room full of light. This makes the church full of a sense of ritual.


How to redesign a ceremonial building? This is my first time to do this walk so i found lots of design work from the internet.

So, with the development of the times, more and more tourists come to Svartisen, and the ceremonial building also need to be transformed into a commercial land. So I started to transform it into a commercial street restaurant, without changing its footprint.


The wall is the soul of a building, so I decided to start with the walls.

Tumblr(2017). En 2017, je souhaite …. Available at:

This wall should be good in the city’s restaurants.Very minimalist and fell very “fast”


Preevb(2017).Construction Specialties Earns Four Awards for Innovation and Quality. Available at:

This is a very artistic wall, very suitable for the Museum of art. Of course, in some restaurants can also make it full of artistic sense.



It is also a very artistic wall, very gorgeous, but it is not suitable for the design of the restaurant in the glacier.


Hand painted wall


The second step, because of taking into account the need to make full use of space, so I decided to transform the part of “the black box” to be the second floor of restaurant, so i can make full use of this small space.

The staircase is the key to the convergence of the floor, so i start with the design of the stairs.楼梯2



Paul Bateman(2013)Spiral Staircase Detail Drawings – AutoCAD. Available at:


DECORATING(u.d).Staircase Design In Small Spaces 1. Available at:

Spiral staircases are probably the most widespread companionway designate for these countenance to save lots of house.The spiral staircase above the red can maximumly save interior space for the design of a small room. But we have enough space for the location of the restaurant, so there is no need to use this.


Architecture studio QC(2013).Spiral staircase made from chunky wooden blocks by QC. Available at :

This Spiral stairs comprises a pile of spruce blocks that fan out around a central pivot.

Kuc said:“Obtain a satisfactory result the wood was dried three times in the kiln dryer which make wood become rigidity”


I decided to imitate the stairs upstairs, but I needed to make it wider.


The third part is to add indoor supplies, such as potted tables and chairs.
I drew some hand-painted in this regard.


In my opinion, marble can be said to be a very expensive and valuable material. So I decided to use the marble cooking tables and chairs, so that the indoor environment looks more quiet and noble. This allows visitors to relax when they during the meal.


Studio Denmark(u.d).Real Marble Backgrounds & Styles. Available at: = ownedpinterest&utm_medium = social&utm_campaign = products


Hand painted of marble

In order to better demonstrate my redesign, I decided to use a model software: Sketchup 8


The design of Spiral stairs


Commercial restaurant



Link:https :// = CdiSAkgNt-M&

When the teacher assigned the animation work, my mind suddenly flashed an idea, why not put my architectural design into propaganda animation?

I decided to use lumion 5 to render my model from SketchUp 8 and animate it.


The imported model needs to do some surface treatment, and only in this way can make the building grow animation.


like this

Use Lumion camera to take pictures of some models and use some special effects, such as sketches


In this part I put it between Part1 and Part2


Some characters can make animation more vigorous


Of course, there are some details


and some focus adjustment

Finally, make the title



The background music can be said to be animated punchline, it lets the audience will not tired for my animation. I chose the Deysion’music: Perfect Day feat. R.I.B  as the background music, because the music is very dense, and divided into two sections of the music is also very consistent with my animation, the first half of the construction process of the music slowly and quietly, in the second half will become lively.


Have to say, doing animation is really a very long and very enjoyable process. It took me two weeks to be a fluid beginner. In the first few days, I have been searching for tutorials on the Internet, and then began to use lumion fabrication. After the completion of production also need to export video, which is a long process, spent nearly a half of day (more than 13 hours). For personally, this animation has greatly improved, I learned a lot of 3D animation techniques and expression. I really like these lessons because it happens to be my favorite——interior design.

3D model work



I always trying to design a shop for the sale of decorations, so i Surfed the Internet to find some information, design in a 15 x 15 of cardboard  .

I used the SketchUp 8 to master of the drawing, planning and design, this software can help me preview effectively my product.


I use a striped pattern as the main pattern of the shop, including the walls.


In the case of how to show the glass material, I chose to use a transparent plate to be embedded in the cardboard. Is to use a knife to scratch marks in the middle strip of cardboard, and then embedded into it. This will make the “glass” fixed very stable.

I am quite satisfied with the production of this small shop model. Some detail is no done very well such as the degree of evenness for the strip board, as well as the use of glue on the wall graffiti.