Floor plan, redesign and Animation

Floor plan

It took me about 2 hours to do this homework.To find a building i love. Not only is the painting, I also went to learn a little about the background and design concept of the church


The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building inspired by an ancient legend, passed on for generations.

The chapel was designed in collaboration with artist Espen Dietrichson.


Vardehaugen(u.d).The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building inspired by an ancient legend, passed on for generations. Available at :http://vardehaugen.no/black-chapel/

It is next to the Svartisen (The Black Glacier),  the second larges glacier in Norway which is a very nice building place. There have beautiful landscape and some of mountain hikers passing by the Black Chapel, They will try to “open it”. I am very like the Black Chapel, even just a small ceremonial building.

For the design of wall, Espen used faced concrete to make it look more quiet and peaceful.As for the roof, Black created a sacred and mysterious feeling.This is a very good color match in a design of a ceremonial building.About indoors, There is light inside the black box, which making the room full of light. This makes the church full of a sense of ritual.


How to redesign a ceremonial building? This is my first time to do this walk so i found lots of design work from the internet.

So, with the development of the times, more and more tourists come to Svartisen, and the ceremonial building also need to be transformed into a commercial land. So I started to transform it into a commercial street restaurant, without changing its footprint.


The wall is the soul of a building, so I decided to start with the walls.

Tumblr(2017). En 2017, je souhaite …. Available at:http://l-e-m-i-n-i-m-a-l-i-s-m-e.tumblr.com/

This wall should be good in the city’s restaurants.Very minimalist and fell very “fast”


Preevb(2017).Construction Specialties Earns Four Awards for Innovation and Quality. Available at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/07/prweb13553470.htm

This is a very artistic wall, very suitable for the Museum of art. Of course, in some restaurants can also make it full of artistic sense.


NWWTRYLLZ ~ PATTERN WALL TILES. Available at: https://www.whatisblik.com/products/nwwtryllz-pattern-wall-tiles?variant=6508196932

It is also a very artistic wall, very gorgeous, but it is not suitable for the design of the restaurant in the glacier.


Hand painted wall


The second step, because of taking into account the need to make full use of space, so I decided to transform the part of “the black box” to be the second floor of restaurant, so i can make full use of this small space.

The staircase is the key to the convergence of the floor, so i start with the design of the stairs.楼梯2



Paul Bateman(2013)Spiral Staircase Detail Drawings – AutoCAD. Available at:https://www.behance.net/gallery/7342041/Detail-Drawings-AutoCAD


DECORATING(u.d).Staircase Design In Small Spaces 1. Available at:https://staircasemediagroup.com/staircase-design-in-small-spaces/staircase-design-in-small-spaces-1/

Spiral staircases are probably the most widespread companionway designate for these countenance to save lots of house.The spiral staircase above the red can maximumly save interior space for the design of a small room. But we have enough space for the location of the restaurant, so there is no need to use this.


Architecture studio QC(2013).Spiral staircase made from chunky wooden blocks by QC. Available at :https://www.dezeen.com/2013/11/07/spiral-staircase-chunky-wooden-blocks-qc/

This Spiral stairs comprises a pile of spruce blocks that fan out around a central pivot.

Kuc said:“Obtain a satisfactory result the wood was dried three times in the kiln dryer which make wood become rigidity”


I decided to imitate the stairs upstairs, but I needed to make it wider.


The third part is to add indoor supplies, such as potted tables and chairs.
I drew some hand-painted in this regard.


In my opinion, marble can be said to be a very expensive and valuable material. So I decided to use the marble cooking tables and chairs, so that the indoor environment looks more quiet and noble. This allows visitors to relax when they during the meal.


Studio Denmark(u.d).Real Marble Backgrounds & Styles. Available at: https://creativemarket.com/StudioDenmark/909321-20-Off-Marble-Backgrounds-Styles?utm_source = ownedpinterest&utm_medium = social&utm_campaign = products


Hand painted of marble

In order to better demonstrate my redesign, I decided to use a model software: Sketchup 8


The design of Spiral stairs


Commercial restaurant



Link:https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v = CdiSAkgNt-M&feature=youtu.be

When the teacher assigned the animation work, my mind suddenly flashed an idea, why not put my architectural design into propaganda animation?

I decided to use lumion 5 to render my model from SketchUp 8 and animate it.


The imported model needs to do some surface treatment, and only in this way can make the building grow animation.


like this

Use Lumion camera to take pictures of some models and use some special effects, such as sketches


In this part I put it between Part1 and Part2


Some characters can make animation more vigorous


Of course, there are some details


and some focus adjustment

Finally, make the title



The background music can be said to be animated punchline, it lets the audience will not tired for my animation. I chose the Deysion’music: Perfect Day feat. R.I.B  as the background music, because the music is very dense, and divided into two sections of the music is also very consistent with my animation, the first half of the construction process of the music slowly and quietly, in the second half will become lively.


Have to say, doing animation is really a very long and very enjoyable process. It took me two weeks to be a fluid beginner. In the first few days, I have been searching for tutorials on the Internet, and then began to use lumion fabrication. After the completion of production also need to export video, which is a long process, spent nearly a half of day (more than 13 hours). For personally, this animation has greatly improved, I learned a lot of 3D animation techniques and expression. I really like these lessons because it happens to be my favorite——interior design.


Artist Case Studies -Unexpected Materials




Ellen Gallagher(2003)Ellen Gallagher at the Saint Louis Art Museum

exhibit at:Saint Louis Art Museum in 2003.3 – 2003.5

This is Ellen’s series of wig-map grid collages, in this series, you can clearly see that she created the wig style is very similar to the 20th century style but also not. Because she re-the 20th century, 30 years to the late 1970s on the hair and beauty of advertising together. To the back, she added the African wig elements to the work, making her works with more racial elements.Such as the image of the nurse or the “Pegleg” character that sometimes populate her page‘s iconography.

She said:‘The wig ladies are fugitives, conscripts from another time and place, liberated from the “race” magazines of the past. But again, I have transformed them, here on the pages that once held them captive.’


 Tate(2014)Ellen Gallagher, Wiglette from DeLuxe

She designed the wig to cover really wide, with hip-hop style, with indigenous style. Including curls, straight hair, and even the amount I do not know how to name it, maybe is”bread hair”?

I learned the form of art are a variety of things, even including the use of past magazines and ideas to draw a new artistic style. It is inconceivable and it is different.

Andy Goldsworthy.jpg

REBECCA(2012)Art of Andy  Goldsworthy



About Andy Goldsworthy, this is probably one of my favorite artists from the PPT in class. I think he is an artist who works with nature. By knowing his work, he can see that his favorite art form is to blend his work and nature, such as stone, icicles, petals.He said:“I think it’s incredibly brave to be working with flowers and leaves and petals. But I have to: I can’t edit the materials I work with. My remit is to work with nature as a whole.”

Above this piece I did not find its name, perhaps called “stone in the cracks”? The Andy Goldsworthy with the picking up the stone, plus his own drawn white line, from big to small into a spiral and then cut each stone from the formation of the perfect spiral.

Star gate, see this piece of work, there is a sense of the door, and through the hole in the center, you do not know what will be. From dark to light colored stones, Andy Goldsworthy really has a hand in terms of color. They are so beautiful when they use regular patterns of stone.

andy-goldsworthy-4River stones scratched white (2013)

Andy Goldsworthy does not finish the work at all times, but it does not affect his work with nature. River stones scratched white is a very typical example of this work is done on the dried-up bed of Swindale Beck, the first is not the final work, because the weather before the start of the rain. When the work is completed, after the rain, the process of the period is particularly important. Photography is an indispensable part of Andy Goldsworthy’s work. This series of works makes me feel the charm of the works made by man and nature, and of course the importance of learning photography.

River stones scratched white (2013)


Painting – mixed media A3 sheet – 12+ different watercolour techniques


Personally, compared to watercolor, I usually prefer color lead and sketch these painting methods, so I do not know much about watercolor. This time the classroom can be said to let me re-understand the watercolor, found that there are so many watercolor interesting form, such as salt on the watercolor, or with glue to draw. Chapter 3 Gradient Watercolor is a favorite I like, because I feel the watercolor color control of the charm, he can make the color more soft than the color lead naturally. Crayon This is really amazing, the first time I know the crayons and watercolor is not soluble, so you can use this effect to draw a unique watercolor, but this is because the first attempt, so the effect is not very good. In general, this lesson made me feel the charm of watercolor, but also began to have the interest to touch the watercolor.


Photoshop works

This will be very magical when i put some different beautiful pictures toghter with photoshop.


When i fuse two pictures which are wave and tropical forest .It is become a Island picture.


Brush tool also is a useful thing in photoshop.Look at this work,firstly i put the island on the lake but looks no very natural.So i used the  black and white Brush tool to smear the edge of the island.At last ,they fused together.



“The road to dreams-my house”

This is my most satisfying work in Photoshop works. Because it took me a lot of time and effort (about 1.30 hours). I got a lot of pictures from the Internet, and matting, and then move them to a road background image for deformation and scaling.

The basic Photoshop skills can help me processing photo more convenient in the future

Nottingham Contemporary

The theme of this exhibition is the key ten years(The 1980s) of British culture and politics. Here are a variety of works, such as painting, photography, sculpture.




More than four are from the 80’s black culture of the rise of the road.

This series of photos through the protests in the center of Birmingham, I think this protest attracted the attention of the British people to black culture and racial discrimination, to the second three pictures, you can see the rise of black culture, black band and Disco is proof. Of course, the rise of the black culture is not easy, in the last picture, in 1985, Lozells riots to see the black culture was still not recognized at the time, they still can not receive respect.

Mono Hatoum.1985. Roadworks Video:6:45min ,Courtesy of LIMA

“Take off the shackles of the shackles”, for this video, I prefer the name. In my opinion this piece of work is a lot of sense.

With regard to the art of conduct, it is a form of direct appeal to the public, but put the shoes tied to the back of the performance art to call people concerned about the culture of British black . In the 1980s the act of art began to become one of the mainstream art forms.

I think that Mona Hatoum wants to walk through barefoot,but the shoes tied to the back of the performance art to call people concerned about the culture of British black ,to off the traditional cultural 。Maybe after people see his show, after a moment will no surprise will ,so why no do the same think about Black culture,let go to accept,This should be he really wanted to express.


Destruction of the National Front, 1979–80 by Eddie Chambers

Even if you do not see the date, you can see that this is a work in the 20th century.Eddie Chambers made the British flag a series of collages and took a name: Destruction of the National Front.Can be seen that he is a positive support for the new culture and against old ideas。From the regular banner, to slowly fragmentation,expressed that  people in that time began to open thinking.In the end, they will accept and appreciate the new culture of other races.


Donald Rodney’s The House That Jack Built, 1987.

This piece of work is based on a children’s nursery rhymes. In Rodney’s version, this is Rodney’s house, which is also the source of souls of 75 million dead black souls. He made the same background with a variety of X-rays, and let a ‘patient’ who had no body and clothes and pants alone.This piece of work contains very deep feelings, expressed the pain of Jack and his family.And Rodney himself is a member of a black art troupe, suffered from the debilitating sickle cell disease (suffering from debilitating sickle cell disease).



…it is as if the Black experience is only lived within an urban environment. I thought i liked the Lake District;where i wandered lonely as a Black face in a sea of white.A visit to the countryside is always accompanied by a feeling of unease;dread…0222_13

…feeling i don’t belong.Walks through leafy glades with a baseball bat by my side…0222_14

…a lot of what MADE ENGLAND GREAT is founded on the blood of slavery,the sweat of working people …an industrial revolution without the Atlantic Triangle…


…death is the bottom line.The owners of these fields;these trees and sheep want me off their GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND.No trespass,they want me DEAD.A slow death through eyes that slide away from me…0222_16

…Searching for sea-shells;waves lap my wellington boots,carrying lost souls of brothers&sisters released over the ship side…

Ingrid Pollard ,1987.Pastoral Interlude.Hand tinted silver prints from:Courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum

It is undeniable that when the photo is accompanied by the appropriate text, it will become a sound of the photo, while the expression will be more clear.

Ingrid Pollard is a series of five photos, which is like the author in the black life of a travel diary. He felt the great difference between black and white culture and unequal treatment. Cultural contact is indeed unacceptable at the outset. Uneasy, fear, do not belong, build, divorce, release, these verbs express the picture of the expression of cultural differences expressed clearly. Of course, the use of some symbols such as ellipses, making each picture of the text of the convergence more natural.

Sunga Park

Work by Sunga Park


whitehall street, london





In the watercolor, I have a favorite modern artist. She is a Korean female illustrator and wallpaper designer Sunga Park.

She has many works on all aspects, but my favorite is the architectural watercolor she painted.



The white hall street entrance,London



At first glance, it seems that the building in the picture is not very clear. But it was Sunga Park’s painting style. With a mild color, as well as through the local clear painting, the architectural beauty and the environment of the hazy performance of the most vividly.



In the details section Sunga Park portrayed very carefully, such as the steeple of this building. When the color, she will bring up a “no harm for  people’s color”, like a soft orange, warm blue. And when the color to the edge of the building, she will let the color slowly fade, Integrated into the white paper.




Like this painting, Sunga Park only painted the outline of the building with the color, however, gave me magnificent and mysterious for this row of building.

Her works are always aesthetic feeling, but without losing the charm, simple but like a  beautiful dream.

Her color seems to be inadvertently cast to the same, but also  right to that part of the rendering out, so I naturally imagined that the rest of the paper on the imagination of the building  in my mind.

Web:123 Inspiration (2013).Architectural Watercolors by Sunga Park | 123 Inspiration.Available at: http://www.123inspiration.com/architectural-watercolors-by-sunga-park/ [Accessed 15 Feb. 2017].

Takmaj Maja Wrońska

Work by  Takmaj Maja Wrońska



Takmaj Maja Wrońska is a beautiful painter born in Poland in 1989. She likes to draw some of the famous architectural features and street scenes, etc.

Takmaj style is very personal characteristics, like smart hydra, seemingly random but do not without details, very unique.

Above this Reims church, you can see Takmaj favorite painting method is the outline of the building into the light and shadow, which makes the building looks no longer so blunt, it is lifelike.



The young artist’s style is always vibrant, and Takmaj’s architectural watercolor is also true. Gorgeous warm colors, many cities will be a better performance of the crystal clear. I think she must love the life.

Because most of the screen with the light and shadow are yellow and orange, so make the painting very vivid, give me a warm feeling. I can feel it from the picture she wants to convey the city’s glorious information.

In her works, the most important thing I have learned is the fusion of light and building’s surface, which makes the building more active. Sometimes, a good watercolor building is not necessarily rigidly to portrayed a clear outline.


Takmaj(2017)Deviant Art.  Available at:http://takmaj.deviantart.com/ %5BAccessed 15 Feb. 2017].


Henderson Cisz

Work by Henderson Cisz,the Oil painter from Brazil.

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Henderson Cisz was born in Brazil in 1960 and grew up in a small village in Parana State. In 1986, he moved to London to study painting, and after that,he went through the rest of the world.

He said ,“I love the effect that weather has on the urban landscape and must confess to a particular fondness for the rain! Not only does it cast interesting shadows and reflections on the slick sidewalks, but it also dictates the stance of the figures. Their slightly defensive postures and hunched shoulders lend a very specific, and to my mind curiously engaging, mood to the overall scene.”

The painter seems to be very fond of portrayed the light and shade more clearly, and even  to every leaf.
It is undeniable that this really makes his paintings very rich, the city has become so vibrant.



La Tour Eiffel by Henderson Cisz  £675
Medium Canvas Edition – Embellished
Edition 195
Size 30.5 x 30.5 inches


Above the fashion capital of Paris, Henderson Cisz use a single point of view,portrayed one of street in Paris that the nightlife is very rich, contrast is very strong. The whole picture ready to come out. Finally, with the Paris landmark building Paris Tower, he used  very conspicuous gold, silhouetted against the night. Fashion capital in his paintings, like the Night pearl.

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Westminster Bridge                                                                                           London Eye
by Henderson Cisz                                                                                              by Henderson Cisz

Edition : 195                                                                                                         Edition : 195
Size : 30 x 30 Inches                                                                                          Size : 30 x 30 Inches
RRP Framed : £650                                                                                             RRP Framed : £650


In his eyes about London, from this painting can be seen is a calm and traditional city.The picture tone darker, but borrow the red leaves to highlight the people’s good life. London in his work like a quiet haven .

I learned that in painting, and even other paintings, light and shadow embellishment is particularly important, it is necessities for a rich picture .

Web:Bohemia-galleries (2017)Art-Henderson Cisz. Available at: http://www.bohemia-galleries.com/Art/Henderson%20Cisz/Cisz.htm [Accessed 15 Feb. 2017].