Grzegorz Wróbel

Work by Grzegorz Wróbel


From Grzegorz Wróbel’s amazing architectural watercolor. I am very keen on the building, so I usually  draw on the architectural aspects of the sketch, or color lead painting. Watercolor in my mind has always been a similar to the freehand class of paintings, to the performance of the scenery most vividly before I see this. It makes it impossible for me to imagine the watercolor can also express the building so real. The composition of the two paintings are a standard three-point perspective, making the building more rules. Very fine lines depict the local make the building more real. And the level of color, from the contours to the light and shadow, will show the charm of the building out. As the main part of the screen is cool, so I feel a slight chill, as in the winter in general.


Ever since I continued to find some of his other works from Pinterest and found that Grzegorz Wróbel had a unique understanding of light and shadow. Like the shadow of the severity ,the house to  smooth and backlitare very clear, rather than blindly fusion color, which makes his building very three-dimensional.

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20150824111843170_1923835What a  domineering a photo.
The center of the photo have two centre,the people and the sun.
The man standing on top of the mountain, he is a winner, the orange sun makes the picture more warm.
The whole photo and nature of the successful integration of one.


This picture makes me deeply feel the charm of the big far small.
The cool tint controls the picture,and it dominated by white snow and brown rocks, the lens is focused on the front of a rock. There is a sense of loneliness with the photo,like a man to have a sense of freestand without frustration.

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           X-Lights                                                          Le Moulin

I like nature very much, so when I see Vincent Favre these two pictures of the time like them.
The first is the X
-Lights, the light from the upper right corner into the woods so that plants produce a variety of green, so the picture becomes very vivid.
The second chapter is the ocean from Le Moulin, cool colors of the ocean with orange sunshine, making photos look more intense, the flow of lines look more clear whick make a strong dynamic.

Vincent Favre(2016) Le Moulin. Availableat: 5 Feb. 2017].

Vincent Favre(2016) X-Lights. Available at: 5 Feb. 2017].


Vincent Favre


Tears in heaven

This photo from Vincent Favre.
This is a balance type composition 
of the photo, it is very strong contrast to the well-being
Yellow background with the front of the mountain vague white clouds, the mountain will highlight the towering.
It’s let me  feel magnificent.


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