Floor plan, redesign and Animation

Floor plan

It took me about 2 hours to do this homework.To find a building i love. Not only is the painting, I also went to learn a little about the background and design concept of the church


The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building inspired by an ancient legend, passed on for generations.

The chapel was designed in collaboration with artist Espen Dietrichson.


Vardehaugen(u.d).The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building inspired by an ancient legend, passed on for generations. Available at :http://vardehaugen.no/black-chapel/

It is next to the Svartisen (The Black Glacier),  the second larges glacier in Norway which is a very nice building place. There have beautiful landscape and some of mountain hikers passing by the Black Chapel, They will try to “open it”. I am very like the Black Chapel, even just a small ceremonial building.

For the design of wall, Espen used faced concrete to make it look more quiet and peaceful.As for the roof, Black created a sacred and mysterious feeling.This is a very good color match in a design of a ceremonial building.About indoors, There is light inside the black box, which making the room full of light. This makes the church full of a sense of ritual.


How to redesign a ceremonial building? This is my first time to do this walk so i found lots of design work from the internet.

So, with the development of the times, more and more tourists come to Svartisen, and the ceremonial building also need to be transformed into a commercial land. So I started to transform it into a commercial street restaurant, without changing its footprint.


The wall is the soul of a building, so I decided to start with the walls.

Tumblr(2017). En 2017, je souhaite …. Available at:http://l-e-m-i-n-i-m-a-l-i-s-m-e.tumblr.com/

This wall should be good in the city’s restaurants.Very minimalist and fell very “fast”


Preevb(2017).Construction Specialties Earns Four Awards for Innovation and Quality. Available at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/07/prweb13553470.htm

This is a very artistic wall, very suitable for the Museum of art. Of course, in some restaurants can also make it full of artistic sense.


NWWTRYLLZ ~ PATTERN WALL TILES. Available at: https://www.whatisblik.com/products/nwwtryllz-pattern-wall-tiles?variant=6508196932

It is also a very artistic wall, very gorgeous, but it is not suitable for the design of the restaurant in the glacier.


Hand painted wall


The second step, because of taking into account the need to make full use of space, so I decided to transform the part of “the black box” to be the second floor of restaurant, so i can make full use of this small space.

The staircase is the key to the convergence of the floor, so i start with the design of the stairs.楼梯2



Paul Bateman(2013)Spiral Staircase Detail Drawings – AutoCAD. Available at:https://www.behance.net/gallery/7342041/Detail-Drawings-AutoCAD


DECORATING(u.d).Staircase Design In Small Spaces 1. Available at:https://staircasemediagroup.com/staircase-design-in-small-spaces/staircase-design-in-small-spaces-1/

Spiral staircases are probably the most widespread companionway designate for these countenance to save lots of house.The spiral staircase above the red can maximumly save interior space for the design of a small room. But we have enough space for the location of the restaurant, so there is no need to use this.


Architecture studio QC(2013).Spiral staircase made from chunky wooden blocks by QC. Available at :https://www.dezeen.com/2013/11/07/spiral-staircase-chunky-wooden-blocks-qc/

This Spiral stairs comprises a pile of spruce blocks that fan out around a central pivot.

Kuc said:“Obtain a satisfactory result the wood was dried three times in the kiln dryer which make wood become rigidity”


I decided to imitate the stairs upstairs, but I needed to make it wider.


The third part is to add indoor supplies, such as potted tables and chairs.
I drew some hand-painted in this regard.


In my opinion, marble can be said to be a very expensive and valuable material. So I decided to use the marble cooking tables and chairs, so that the indoor environment looks more quiet and noble. This allows visitors to relax when they during the meal.


Studio Denmark(u.d).Real Marble Backgrounds & Styles. Available at: https://creativemarket.com/StudioDenmark/909321-20-Off-Marble-Backgrounds-Styles?utm_source = ownedpinterest&utm_medium = social&utm_campaign = products


Hand painted of marble

In order to better demonstrate my redesign, I decided to use a model software: Sketchup 8


The design of Spiral stairs


Commercial restaurant



Link:https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v = CdiSAkgNt-M&feature=youtu.be

When the teacher assigned the animation work, my mind suddenly flashed an idea, why not put my architectural design into propaganda animation?

I decided to use lumion 5 to render my model from SketchUp 8 and animate it.


The imported model needs to do some surface treatment, and only in this way can make the building grow animation.


like this

Use Lumion camera to take pictures of some models and use some special effects, such as sketches


In this part I put it between Part1 and Part2


Some characters can make animation more vigorous


Of course, there are some details


and some focus adjustment

Finally, make the title



The background music can be said to be animated punchline, it lets the audience will not tired for my animation. I chose the Deysion’music: Perfect Day feat. R.I.B  as the background music, because the music is very dense, and divided into two sections of the music is also very consistent with my animation, the first half of the construction process of the music slowly and quietly, in the second half will become lively.


Have to say, doing animation is really a very long and very enjoyable process. It took me two weeks to be a fluid beginner. In the first few days, I have been searching for tutorials on the Internet, and then began to use lumion fabrication. After the completion of production also need to export video, which is a long process, spent nearly a half of day (more than 13 hours). For personally, this animation has greatly improved, I learned a lot of 3D animation techniques and expression. I really like these lessons because it happens to be my favorite——interior design.


3D model work



I always trying to design a shop for the sale of decorations, so i Surfed the Internet to find some information, design in a 15 x 15 of cardboard  .

I used the SketchUp 8 to master of the drawing, planning and design, this software can help me preview effectively my product.


I use a striped pattern as the main pattern of the shop, including the walls.


In the case of how to show the glass material, I chose to use a transparent plate to be embedded in the cardboard. Is to use a knife to scratch marks in the middle strip of cardboard, and then embedded into it. This will make the “glass” fixed very stable.

I am quite satisfied with the production of this small shop model. Some detail is no done very well such as the degree of evenness for the strip board, as well as the use of glue on the wall graffiti.


Product analysis——very personal style of modern architectural design



Anique Azhar(2014)An Architects Manifesto.Available at:https://www.behance.net/gallery/15675781/An-Architects-Manifesto

When you want to know a building, in addition to personally see, the rest of the best way is through hand drawing.
A hand drawing of an architectural design can clearly express the author’s idea of the  building, as well as its function and design.


Storyboard,is a important step before you design a Video creation or advertising design,which make express the author’s creativity clearly and help they design further..(Storyboarding Basics,2016)

f71d04f0f88ec473ce7e915c24970524PE-Travers(2009)Thumb 12 steps ,Available at:http://pe-travers.deviantart.com/art/Thumb-12-steps-139680805

Storyaboard is not only necessary to describe the story, he is like designers and painters sketches, to  performance rough of the works before the completion of the process. He(PE-Travers) said that he first used the grid in Photoshop to determine the relationship for basis of the perspective , and then start another further creation, I think it should be used with the tablet. First according to the grid design of the approximate shape, and then draw the frame one by one, and finally on the details, painting texture. The storyboard shows a process of designing an underground channel.


Shoomlah(2013)Schoolism – Nathan Fowkes week 4,Available at:http://shoomlah.deviantart.com/art/Schoolism-Nathan-Fowkes-week-4-395668854

This is a different style storyboard, the topic from the first to the last one are: calm, anxious, morose, hopeful, rabeful. From the name point of view, seems to be a different scene through the same tone to express the characters of several different mood. Such as the first calm, warm sun emerge from the distant mountain with the calm lake, the whole picture feel very peaceful and quiet. And the penultimate: hope, the same is the sun, but did not reveal all, only exposed a part of it.Whole picture is dark and gloomy,however because of this beam and full of hope. Therefore, the storyboard can also be used to outline the different transformations of the same scene.


Kasai(2006)Cityscape Sketch tutorial ,Available at:http://kasai.deviantart.com/art/Cityscape-Sketch-tutorial-45713435

This is a storyboard about the cityscape sketch tutorial from Kasai. This is a standard architectural perspective storyboard. There are detailed drawing processes and analysis,very clearly recorded his own ideas. For example in the third one, he starts drawing from the left and says it is to prevent smearing (if you are not left-handed, draw from the right will easy to rub the picture). Also think of a city should have something, such as futuristic building, slum theme or shack type buildings.

A good design should have a storyboard to record the process, so is better to carry out the further design.


Work by William Morris

William Morris, a designer of the British Industrial Movement. He is the British textile designers, poets, novelists and even print, layout, is also a famous craftsman. He said: “a designer should have a working knowledge of any media”.

William Morris( 1873)Tulip and Willow,available at:http://www.artyfactory.com/art_appreciation/graphic_designers/william_morris.html

This is the pencil and watercolor sketch for print design, when I use the print, i don’t know how to adjust the clarity of the line, or the thickness, but in the hands of William Morris, he can grasp the good, so that He was able to print them very vivid when drawing the pair of Tulip and Willow.


William Morris(1881)Windrush’,available at:http://www.artyfactory.com/art_appreciation/graphic_designers/william_morris.html

African Marigold (1876),available at:http://www.artyfactory.com/art_appreciation/graphic_designers/william_morris.html

If this is not written on the introduction of this work, I really can not distinguish this is the textile design or the kind of printing design.

He used pure natural materials to design the textiles in the room, such as wallpaper, carpets. Even so it passed, his works of art in my eyes seems to be very suitable to decorate the home. This can give your own room design to add a natural feeling, like chrysanthemum ah, sunflower ah these.


William Morris(1876)Honeysuckle,available at:http://www.artyfactory.com/art_appreciation/graphic_designers/william_morris.html

Lino-cut by Angela Harding



Angela Harding(2016)GANNETS AT RATHLIN ISLAND,LINO AND SILKSCREEN. EDITION 75.This part of a series of images commissioned by Country Living Magazine for their 2016 features about islands that surround the UK.


Angela Harding is a print artist who loves plants and fauna in the English countryside.

She loves garden birds and seabirds very much. In her prints, hers works are very detailed, very strong sense of hierarchy.

Above the landscape prints: the island, water lines and clouds of the flow is very strong, kind of feeling are very atmospheric, like a direct brush brush past. While the boat, the bird size of the remote blurred island is outlined very carefully. Which formed a very good print works.

Angela Harding

Angela Harding (2017)NEWBY HARE,LINO AND SILKSCREEN. EDITION 150.Commissioned by Yorkshire Sculpture Park for the ‘Flights of Memory’ exhibition and printed as a limited edition original print at Penfold Press.

I accidentally learned that Angela Harding actually graduated from Nottingham Trent University, this is not my goal?




Mono-printing by Paul Klee

Paul Klee ,he has a strong personal style ,include the influence of performance, Cubism and surrealism

Paul Klee 2

Der Angler (The Angler). 1921. Available at

This is a fisherman, and Paul seems to be used String  to draw this works before print, because the fisherman’s profile with some jagged, looks like fishing line. Paul Klee said “It goes out for a walk, so to speak, aimlessly for the sake of the walk.”

Paul Klee

Paul Klee(2011)’The Tightrope Walker 1923′.[Monotype and watercolor,48 x 32 cm]in Klee,Taschen,P50. Available at:https://greenmangle.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/research-point-back-drawing/

After a careful appreciation of Paul Klee’s work, I think he must have done a great job on paper. You can see that his prints are use a lot of lines to draw, then the printing paper is very critical, to be able to print the rough feeling of the line, and can not be too blurred. The background of his work should be painted after the painting up, because the color gradient does not like to be printed out. It seems that Paul Klee is very good to show the fine and rich side of the printing arts, he is by my favorite.

Work by Joongwon Jeong

Joongwon Jeong is a hyperrealist painter from South Korea。

Of course, he is dedicated to use a painter who painted a portrait of acrylic paint.


Homer(2013)Artwork by JOONGWON (CHARLES) .Available at JEONG.http://twistedsifter.com/2013/07/hyperrealistic-acrylic-paintings-by-joongwon-charles-jeong/

As a freelance artist and illustrator, he is also very popular on the web and I know he is in fackbook.

Watch his works, every character of every detail he is portrayed clearly, even to every hair, acne. In a work, he should call out thousands of colors to draw.

Hair for the portrait is very critical, Jeong in this point Handled properly, there are coarse and thin hair and beard are carved very clearly, but also because it was so portrait looks vivid.


Robert Downey Jr.(2012)Artwork by JOONGWON (CHARLES) JEONG.

Available at JEONG.http://twistedsifter.com/2013/07/hyperrealistic-acrylic-paintings-by-joongwon-charles-jeong/



Joongwon(Charles)Jeong 5

Winter(2013)Artwork by JOONGWON (CHARLES) JEONG.

Available at JEONG.http://twistedsifter.com/2013/07/hyperrealistic-acrylic-paintings-by-joongwon-charles-jeong/



Self  portrait(2013)Artwork by JOONGWON (CHARLES) JEONG.

Available at JEONG.http://twistedsifter.com/2013/07/hyperrealistic-acrylic-paintings-by-joongwon-charles-jeong/

Persona(2012)Artwork by JOONGWON (CHARLES) JEONG.

Available at JEONG.http://twistedsifter.com/2013/07/hyperrealistic-acrylic-paintings-by-joongwon-charles-jeong/

This is the super-realistic charm, the super-real portrait into the painting, make people marvel at the painter’s brushwork and color adjustment.



Work by Roberto Bernardi

Roberto Bernardi 2


Available at:http://www.robertobernardi.com/

A 16416

OBSESSION(2006)BANAL LIFE STYLE PAINTINGS.Available at:http://www.robertobernardi.com/


Wow, the pixels of these photos are so high, even the water beads can see the crystal clear.

Yes, when I first saw these works, I thought it was taken with a digital camera. But when I remembered that I was searching for still life artworks instead of photography, I was stunned.

All these works come from Roberto Bernardi’s pen. He is a surrealist painter from Italy. Like to show everything in the picture with a brush.

Roberto Bernardi 9


Available at:http://www.robertobernardi.com/



Available at:http://www.robertobernardi.com/

See these and almost exactly almost the same of candy (I think I should get rid of almost, after all, who can see it is a painting), so I have a the impulse that want to come out to eat.Roberto Bernardi is good at the drawing of different materials, every light, reflection, shadow, and even to the background. Look carefully at the objects, even the traces of potholes are drawn out.

Roberto Bernardi 3 Bernarducci Meisel Gallery(2009)GLI SCIENZIATI.

Available at:http://www.robertobernardi.com/

Super realistic is always surprising, this need to accumulate in time to have some technology, time-consuming and laborious, but  impeccable the impeccable.

Work by Noma Bar

Work by Noma Bar

I am after maximum communication with minimum elements


Noma Bar

 Pulp Fiction for Empire Magazine(2015).Available at: http://www.geek-art.net/noma-bar-pulp-fiction/

Creativity in my opinion is the most important capital for a designer. Graphic designer, illustrator Noma Bar is a typical example.

When Red and black together will make people often think about fashion. And his design of the magazine cover and illustrations is very good to apply to this element. The above illustrations looked like a big cartoon man, but when I looked carefully,  found that the original man’s beard is another person’s hair, they two public a body. Have to say that the following shape is a bit like orangutans.

It seems that the Simple portrait illustrations is not his style, in all his works of art, the portrait will always be interspersed with some other things to express the story. For example, the following two, I can see two or even three things inside a painting.

Old man: riding a bike, swan, alarm clock.

Angry bald: instead of the hands of the hands of the open man, and holding the bald with a pair of hands.

Noma Bar added to the album Various in Facebook(2012).

Unmasking a killer Noma Bar_s animated ad for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Unmasking a killer: Noma Bar’s animated ad for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.  Availableat:https://www.creativereview.co.uk/unmasking-a-killer-noma-bars-animated-ad-for-newyork-presbyterian-hospital/

Above this piece is looks very interesting, like a story i hear it when I was child: Wolf with goat’s skin.

When I go to search this picture behind the expression of the meaning, it was found that this is a part of the hospital advertising video, it is not amazing ? The title of this advertising is Unmasking a killer, he used a lot of negative space to create bold and interesting images. This make people see this advertising  interested in first time, and meaning at a glance. It describes about how cancer can deceive the body’s immune system and then propagate NYP how to find ways and organize them.

“When someone comes to a gallery to see me work, he can visit as long as he wants – when this is on TV, you just get one go, therefore the images should be as clear as possible … this is what led me to known iconography,” said Bar(2016).

Isn’t it a  interesting advertising design?

Noma Bar 3

dutch uncle by Noma bar(2014)

Use of negative space in Noma Bar’s works is consummate, which make a lot of people love, including me. Different elements of fusion make designs look no longer boring.