Water Church

Work from Tadao Ando


Tadao Ando,one of the most famouse architect in the Word。

The church is a place where people are praying and are very sacred. In the series of Anto design, he combines natural light and architecture, and I think this is a way of his sacredness. The natural light and shadow can make the building more beautiful and mysterious.

The Church of water is one of the most desirable places for Japanese girls to get married.

In the water of the church, he picked a place in the forest to build, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I think the pool is a key part of this church. As far as I know, the pool is carefully designed to be able to subtle the performance of the existence of the wind,even a little wind can also set off ripples. The glass face of the pool can be opened, so that people can be better to contact with nature (for example, hear the sound of the woods and the wind)

He believes that when greening, water, light and wind are abstracted from the native nature according to human mind, they tend to be divine.

In the building materials, he chose the usual water mixed with concrete and glass as the main material. He used these materials to express his design concept perfectly: the light makes the beautiful become dramatic, wind and rain to add color in the life through their human body . Architecture is a medium that allows people to feel the existence of nature. Ando put the placed of Gods in the light and shadow, which is different from the Roman temple.They like to put the Gods hidden in the darkness which  gives the impression of distant.

I like this style of  Tadao Ando’design. With nature as the main body, with the building to show the natural. Water Church are very perfect regardless of the use of materials and light, or the choice of address. That why is one of the most desirable places for Japanese girls to get married.


I think printing is easy to show the scene,especially the scenery.When i used printing to drawing about nuture,it can make the screen become blurry,like some wind through the screen.


The magic is when i use thick paper to print,the screen will be no clear.

 Before printingimg_3901After printingimg_3900




One point perspective


I think one point perspective is the simplest when i drawing about the city.It’s clear to performance the street~~~


Two point perspective


In fact, I am not sure  this is a two-point perspective or a three-point perspective, because if  look carefully, it looks like a three-point perspective.

This painting is copy a PS work from Google, has a very clear perspective. It have to say that the three-point perspective is the hardest of all perspectives, because you need to carefully positioned every perspective point and line.

After finish the part of building, I decided to use my usual way to draw the beam – with a rubber wipe the beam. So there is such an effect.

I am very satisfied with this painting, it is very three-dimensional.